Finding a Travel Advisor

What is a Travel Advisor?

Travel Agent, now known as a Travel Advisor, is a person who provides travel-related services to their customers. This can include anything from booking flights and hotel rooms to booking cruises to and from anywhere in the world, escorted land vacations, shore excursions, unique experiences, arranging car rentals, restaurant reservations, custom itineraries, and more.

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Travel advisors, or more specifically InteleTravel Advisors, are special. These advisors go through a series of certifications in order to be the best in the business, continuing to learn through a variety of programs available to them through InteleTravel University. In addition, Travel Advisors have traveled the world themselves. As genuine Travel enthusiasts, they have the best firsthand knowledge that can’t be obtained from online research.


When you book your vacation with a certified InteleTravel Advisor, you’re not only getting the best-in-class service, but you’re working with an advisor that specializes in exactly the type of trip and destination you’re looking for. Not only are travel advisor services free to you since the industry partners pay the Advisors commission, but you’re booking with a real person. No website is going to know you and care about you like your InteleTravel Advisor will.


It might come as a surprise to you, especially when many other travel agencies have their customers pay at least some sort of fee, but InteleTravel Advisors come at no extra cost to you.


An InteleTravel Advisor’s entire commission is based on a percentage from the vendor you end up booking with (the hotel, the airline, etc.), so you’ll be paying the same amount while also helping someone who cares about your trip make money, too!

Vacation Destinations

The world is full of some amazing places. We’ll excitedly add to this section as we produce more destination-specific pieces.



One of the world’s most beloved vacation destinations, the Caribbean is filled with adventure, rainforests, white sand beaches and amazing views.


There’s a place in Europe perfect for every vacationer’s style, and part of the allure is being able to travel to various countries in one trip.

North America

Whether you’re bouncing around the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or you’re looking to travel to any of the islands, North America has something for everyone.

Travel Types

Adventure Travel

Not for the faint of heart, those seeking out adventure travel are looking for some kind of physical activity while on vacation, or the physical activity could be the reason for the trip. This can include hiking trips, ski vacations, snorkeling, and more.


Beach Resort

If you’re looking to kick back on a sandy beach and enjoy a tropical cocktail and some warm breezes, a beach resort might be right up your alley.



Looking to set sail? We personally love cruises, and we know we aren’t the only ones.



Family bonding is always better when an exciting vacation is involved.



One of the best ways to celebrate a holiday is to travel to a place what truly knows how to celebrate.

Travel Tips & Tricks

Experienced traveler’s have some of the best advice when it comes to vacationing.

Use a specialized travel advisor to help you book your dream vacation.


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Take the stress off of yourself and let the experts do the planning.


InteleTravel Advisors build vacations specifically for your needs, using their in depth knowledge along with a personalized approach to give you everything you could possibly need… and more!

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